Bovine + Swine

Asst. Meat
Bovine and Swine

Joel Tate, Culinary Director of Fine Dining Restaurant Group and former Executive Chef of Rendezvous Bistro, knew if Bodega were to truly embody the corner markets of New York and Europe, it needed a boucherie, or butcher stand. Having formed relationships with local farms and ranches such as Carter Country Meats and Snake River Farms, the butcher at Bodega taps into the best meats the mountain west has to offer. The butcher offers more than hand-cut steaks and pork chops, however. Unique sausages, stocks, soups, and compound butters complement any at-home dining experience.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind butcher experience? Our house-made Bovine + Swine sausages, created by chef Joel Tate, have developed a cult following among locals for camping adventures and outdoor cookouts.