Don’t let our quaint location fool you - the Bodega bottle shop packs a punch. Curated by the “Dr. of all Things Liquid,” Fine Dining Restaurant Group’s very own Wine and Beverage Director, Neil Loomis, our selection of beer, wine and spirits offers a little something for every one and every price point.

Inspired by the craft community and the brews we love, our beer collection reflects meticulously selected brews our own beer aficionados are likely to take home with them after a day in the office. Fear not, PBR fans: the yellow beer flows like wine around here, so you won’t feel like a shmuck buying a six pack of cold, refreshing suds either.

When it comes to wine, Neil’s forte is finding fantastic, well-priced wines from around the world. Our selections are diverse, so whether you’re stocking your wine cellar for the winter, grabbing a bottle to bring to a concert, or putting together a mixed case to enjoy in your vacation home during a Jackson Hole getaway, we’ve got you covered.

And where there’s beer and wine, there must also be spirits. We are proud to carry a thoughtfully curated selection of spirits in our bottle shop. Whiskey, tequila, vodka, schnapps – the gang’s all here.